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A Nashville-born son of a Hall of Fame country songwriter (the late Charlie Black), Casey singer songwrites in a literary style about having a human mind in an animal's body. Like if Dosoevsky had grown up near Music Row. Like if Hemingway had a mental illness and could finger pick. 

Casey Black has released four LPs: Vacations (Nonexistent Records), It Shapes Me As It Goes (Nonexistent Records), Lay You In The Loam (Catbeach Records), and See the Black Sea (Nonexistent Records USA, Tonetoaster Records Europe). 

For the last eight years, Black entered a musical dissociation, during which he played and wrote little, and recorded nothing.  

Casey Black will return to Ireland in late April in anticipation of the his new EP, Simulacra. The collection—to be released under Black’s nom de plume, Nada Rien—explores the roots and expressions of psychological suffering, from the universal to the personal, the likes of which knocked the artist out of his musical self for nearly a decade. Among the new songs is Black’s I’ve Got a Darkness, previously released by Mick Flannery.

The artist is calling the tour The Death of Casey Black Tour, as it will be the last undertaken under his given name.