Casey Black is a singer songwriter concerned with what it's like to be in an animal body with a human mind. Most of his songs take place at night.  Based in the Pacific Northwest, Casey is now--right in this moment--emerging from a years-long identity crisis and musical dissociation. (Complex trauma is a real thing!) These days he's making a new record in his basement late at night while his family sleeps, and writing new bios in the third person.

Casey grew up in the backyard of Nashville's Music Row, where his dad Charlie was a Hall of Fame country songwriter.  A love of form, fingerpicking, and story grew into his songs. Casey was such a fucking amazing writer that he signed a songwriting deal with a big Music Row publisher straight outta high school. Can you believe that? But his heavy old head would not allow him to write like his dad wrote, so he left for LA, then New York, Nashville again, then the PNW. In these decades he's made four records, featuring various award-winning musician friends who make him look pretty fucking cool. He embedded himself in the Big City Folk scene in NYC, and toured Ireland and Germany. His songs have been featured on a few TV shows you probably don't watch, but it's cool anyways, right?

In this moment, Casey is writing and recording new songs, and daring to consider playing a show or two.  Consider, if you will, checking out the music on Bandcamp and Spotify, and signing up for his email list.